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Swadesh FM 93.2

Listen to Swadesh FM 93.2 Live broadcast from Nepali online via Radio India Live | www.radioindialive.com.
Here you can Listen Music, Talks in Nepali.
Swadesh FM 93.2 MHz is the premium music, news and event radio station of Nepal, located in beautiful Madi Valley of Chitwan. It has been airing from 05:00 AM to 11:00 PM NST on frequency and 24x7 on web, and all kind of mobile platforms, including Android & iOS.The station produces musical, news, talk show and infotainment based radio programs. It transmits news every hour and scheduled radio programs and also organize or promote various musical, literary and cultural events or stage (public) programs. The audio programs are also aired by partner FM radio stations throughout Nepal and also by online radio stations and pod-casters throughout the globe.



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Swadesh FM 93.2