Listen to B.16FM Live broadcast from Hindi, English (Indian), Punjabi online via Radio India Live | www.radioindialive.com.
Here you can Listen Music, Talks in Hindi, English (Indian), Punjabi.
Internet radio."Digital audio broadcasting" redirects here. For the specific technical standard, see Digital Audio Broadcasting.Digital radio is the use of digital technology to transmit or receive across the radio spectrum. Digital transmission by radio waves includes digital broadcasting, and especially digital audio radio services.FM band in-band on-channel (FM IBOC):HD Radio (OFDM modulation over FM and AM band IBOC sidebands)FMeXtra (FM band IBOC subcarriers)Digital Radio Mondiale extension (DRM+) (OFDM modulation over AM band IBOC sidebands)AM band in-band on-channel (AM IBOC):HD Radio (AM IBOC sideband)Digital Radio Mondiale (branded as DRM) for the short, medium and long wave-bandsSatellite radio:WorldSpace in Asia and AfricaSirius XM Radio in North AmericaMobaHo! in Japan and the Republic of (South) Korea



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